How Much Does a Small Tattoo Cost?

When it comes to determining the cost of a small tattoo, you’re going to have to look at the factors that go into the price itself. Instead of asking yourself, “How much does a small tattoo cost?”, instead ask yourself, “what determines the cost?”. Having an idea of what you’re going to pay is the best way to ensure that there are no huge surprises.


The Parlor’s Location

When it comes to the prices of tattoos, think of real estate. Location, location, location! Flourishing and touristy cities tend to have the highest prices for tattoos and will have a minimum deposit amount of around $50 alone, not including the price for the actual piece.

For example, a tattoo in California may rack up around $300, whereas the same tattoo in Ohio would only be about $150.

Therefore, your best bet is to go to a city that is not vocational or highly populated, even if it’s a bit out of the way, in order to save a couple of bucks. Either way, staying away from vocational or highly populated cities for tattoos will ensure that you get the best price.

Always pay attention to the minimum deposit that is offered, and ask any artists working there the big question, being “how much does a small tattoo cost?”, for a general estimate on the tattoo that you are looking to get.


The Artist of Your Choice

Because different artists charge different prices for tattoos, it’s best to do some shopping around before you settle with an artist. Some overcharge for work that is mediocre at best, whereas some artists with true talent charge a reasonable fee.

These days, the majority of artists charge by the hour, so you’re going to be looking at a relatively cheap price for a small tattoo, depending on the amount that is bottom line per hour. For example, some artists will charge $50 per hour, whereas others charge up to $200.

If you are having a custom tattoo done, then expect to pay a bit more. If you’re taking something out of a tattoo artist’s portfolio to have done, then you will usually get a break in the price, but expect to pay more otherwise.

Again, it all depends on where you go and what you decide in the end.


The Tattoo’s Placement

Surprisingly enough, the placement of any tattoo has an effect on what the price will be, no matter what the size of the tattoo itself is.

Feet, hands, the sternum, and the neck, which are all generally sensitive areas of the body, for example, will cost more to work on. The buttocks and outer thighs, which are less sensitive areas of the body, for example, will cost less to work on.

Figuring out which area of the body you want to have the tattoo done on will help you to figure out the price quickly, as long as you speak with your chosen tattoo artist about the matter.


The Color(s) Needed

Even though your tattoo may be a small one, you might have plans for more than one color in mind. If this is the case, then expect to pay a little bit more for it. When asking yourself the big question, “how much does a small tattoo cost?”, always think about the colors that you want to incorporate.

A colored tattoo, regardless of the size, always requires more detail when compared to one that is a solid color, such as a plain black one, which means that more ink will have to be used. Colored ink is more expensive than black or gray, for example, as well.

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