The thought of having your face tattooed is a scary thought for some, whereas others welcome and do in fact have permanent makeup done. There are many questions surrounding permanent makeup, Eyebrow tattoos are one of which is considered as semi-permanent makeup .


Different type of Eyebrow tattoo Cost

When it comes to the  eyebrow tattoo cost, however, they are generally more specific than other procedures for geographical reasons. Depending on where you live in the world, the cost will vary:

  • United States – $400-$500
  • Canada – $400-$600
  • United Kingdom – £300-£800
  • Australia – $400-$700

The United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia are the most popular countries where tattooed eyebrows are done.

Follow-ups are always cheaper than the initial procedure itself and typically range from $100-$200 regardless of where you live. The tattoo eyebrow cost also depends on where you live in your region.

For example, if your procedure will be done in an area that is more expensive real estate wise, then expect the tattoo eyebrow cost to fluctuate.

Different types of half sleeve tattoo cost

The Pros of Having Tattooed Eyebrows

The biggest pro when it comes to having tattooed eyebrows would definitely have to be that they are hassle free and easy, especially since you are not the one doing them or touching them up.

They will not wash off, smear, or smudge whatsoever when compared to traditional makeup, as well. You will not have to worry about fussing over your eyebrows for at least a year.

Another pro is that the results are immediate, which means that there is no recovery period, unlike most other cosmetic procedures, so you will not have to worry about rolls of gauze a day, or unsightly swelling. Since the procedure only takes an hour at most, you could even return to work the very same day should you feel up to it.

Lastly, think of all of the time that you are going to save. If you are someone who has been filling in and/or drawing on your eyebrows for years, then you know just how time-consuming that can be, especially when you have limited time in the morning.

Once you have them done, the eyebrow tattoo cost will have practically paid for itself in all of the makeup products that you no longer have to buy.


The Cons of Having Tattooed Eyebrows

If the initial eyebrow tattoo cost does not have you on an emotional roller coaster, then the appearance of your new eyebrows at first definitely will. No matter how prepared you think you are before you have the procedure done, you will no doubt be started at first glance once they are finished, as it’s a natural reaction to such a big change.

Fear not, however, as the ink will lighten up after about a week or so. The fresh ink is applied a darker color than it will turn out to be after some time has passed and the healing process is fully completed.

Regardless, the initial reaction will be a bit of a shock, so ensure that you are as ready as you can be for it.


The Eyebrow Tattoo Cost and the Procedure

Overall, you’re looking at a relatively inexpensive procedure, considering you will get money back from all of the makeup products that you no longer have to buy, that barely takes an hour to go through.

The pain is minimal, the healing process is an easy one, and your eyebrows will look fantastic for years to come, should you properly keep up with the required touch ups.