People get tattoos for different reasons ranging from likeness, fashion and medical amongst others. The tattoo removal cost discourages some people from getting rid of their tattoo with time, even when they really want to get rid of it. There have been a lot of instances where people start to hate their tattoo and wish they could get rid of it. In other cases, the tattoo starts to look really ugly due to stretch marks on the part of the skin the tattoo was citing, thereby making such people want to get rid of the tattoo.


Different Types of Tattoos


There are 5 main tattoo types that have been distinguished by the American Academy of Dermatology. There have been instances where tattoo have been placed on individuals due to medical reasons. The tattoos could be used to convey information about their health including their medical condition and blood group. In other cases, they are used to treat skin pigmentation disorder or applied to make sure equipment are properly set for repeated radiotherapy application. This type of tattoo is known as a medical tattoo. Another type of tattoo is the functional tattoo which is not applied due to the likeness of the tattoo by the individual or fashion purposes. This type of tattoo serves a function such as identifying a patient with Alzheimer should they go missing.

The type of tattoos which seems to be the most common is the cosmetic tattoo which is mostly done because of fashion and likeness for the tattoo. It could be used for enhancing the eyes, lips and eyebrows as well as to hide scars. Another tattoo type is the amateur and professional tattoo. This type of tattoo is used to show rank and status such as membership of a particular club or religion, tribe or for protection. This tattoo type is also placed on animals to identify them. The fifth tattoo type is the traumatic tattoo which is also known as the natural tattoo. This type of tattoo occurs due to scars from injuries. An example of this type of tattoo is a scar from car accident injury. It is possible to remove all of these types of tattoos if an individual could so wish. The cost of tattoo removal is a major factor that does stop some people from getting rid of their tattoo.


History of Tattoos

The use of tattoo could be traced as far back to the Neolithic times as there are an archaeological record, ancient art and mummified preserved skin pointing to this fact. Ancient tattooing could be traced to a number of countries including Great Britain, America, Persia, Rome and Greece, Japan, China, Egypt and India amongst others. For instance in Egypt, tattoos were used in ancient times for a number of reasons including religion, healing, to indicate status as well as for punishment. The same applies to Japan where tattoos were majorly used for decorative and spiritual purposes. The first recorded human skin that was tattooed was believed to have been tattooed around 3100 BC. The tattoo was discovered on Otzi the Iceman’s body. Other places where mummified preserved skins have been seen to have tattoos include Andes, Philippines, Sudan, Egypt, Western China, Mongolia, Siberia, Alaska and Greenland. Modern western tattoos could be traced to the 1840s where several American Civil War soldiers got tattoos. Initially, getting a tattoo was a taboo, even though it is now widely accepted all over the world. Despite the current popularity, a lot of people still pay the price of removing tattoos to get rid of their tattoos though the cost of tattoo removal is high.In recent times , tattoos have become very popular in most parts of the world, especially in South America, North America, Japan and Europe. There are also different types of tattoos and different type of tattoo removal cost that different people get for different reasons. A 2006 survey in the United States of America shows that 10% of the sample size aged 41-64, 40% of those aged 26-40 and 36% of those aged 18-25 had a tattoo.


How Much Does Tattoo Removal Cost?

There are 2 major costs to getting a tattoo.They are the financial implication and the pain. A tattoo could cost from $50 to over $1,000, based on a number of factors. Prominent amongst these factors include the location of the tattoo artist, the design of the tattoo, tattoo placement, tattoo color and tattoo size. Tattoo artists who are located in cities charge much more than tattoo artists located in small towns and villages. Drawing a simple tattoo design costs much less than drawing a complicated one. In terms of placement, tattoos drawn on areas of the body that are smooth are less expensive than those drawn on areas of the body that are rough. Furthermore, tattoo on sensitive parts of the body also cost considerably more than a tattoo on less sensitive parts of the body. Sensitive parts of the body include the genitals, neck, feet, hand and eyebrow. Drawing a tattoo on the eyebrow could cost between $200 and $2,000. Tattoos with only black color or a single color cost much less than tattoos that have several colors. Finally, the bigger the tattoo, the more time and effort it would require on the part of the tattoo artist and the more it would cost. In most cases, you might have to pay between $50 and $150 per hour while getting a tattoo. The other cost of getting a tattoo is the pain, as it is could be very painful getting a tattoo.

Average Cost of Tattoo Removal

If you have decided to remove a tattoo from your body, then you are on the right step, even though it is going to cost you. Just like getting a tattoo, the same factors also determines the cost of removing your tattoo. Removing a simple tattoo is generally easier and less difficult than removing a complicated tattoo. The cost for removing a tattoo is majorly charged per session. While a simple tattoo could be removed between 3 to 5 sessions, a complicated tattoo might require as much as 9 sessions. The higher the number of sessions, the higher the price you would have to pay. Furthermore, jobs carried out by an untrained or unskilled tattoo artist is more difficult to remove as they could have put the ink too deep into the skin.

The option of removing the tattoo also determines the cost. The iPL method is the most expensive, followed by the laser technology while the use of cream is adjudged to be the cheapest. You should  bear in mind that the cream has been widely criticized for being ineffective. The size of your tattoo would also determine how much you would spend in removing it. Removing a tiny tattoo on your breast or shoulder would be cheaper than removing a full body tattoo.

On the average, you should be ready to spend over $1,000 to remove tattoos from your body if you are using the IPL or the laser technology method. If you  choose to try with the less effective cream method, you might have to buy a tattoo removal cream for about $60 to use over a 4 months period. Within this period, you might need to get about 4 of the creams, which would cost about $240.


Disadvantages of Getting Tattoos

Getting a tattoo has a number of disadvantages due to the nature of the tattoos, natural and artificial circumstances as well as the perception of people. Some disadvantages of getting tattoo include:

  1. Risk: Getting a tattoo could be risky. This is more so if the person giving the tattoo is not very hygienic, especially with the needle and other materials. People who patronize such artists would be at the risk of getting an infection, including deadly ones like HIV. Other infections such as tuberculosis, tetanus, staph, herpes simplex virus and hepatitis can be contacted due to contaminated ink or tattoo equipment that are not sterilized.
  2. Cost: In most cases, getting a tattoo is very expensive, especially the very beautiful ones.
  3. Deformation: A number of factors could lead to the deformation of tattoos. The major factors, however, include aging and stretch marks as well as injury. As people start to get older, their skin starts to develop stretch marks, change colors a bit and shrink. This could make a tattoo that was once looking very pretty to become very ugly. It is also possible for an individual to get an injury on the spot he has a tattoo. By the time the injury will heal, the tattoo would not be looking as good as before the injury in most cases.
  4. Loss of opportunities: Having a tattoo denies people a lot of opportunities due to the stereotypes attached to it. For instance, it would be very difficult getting professional jobs in most big corporations if you have a visible tattoo. There is this stereotype of irresponsibility that people attach to individuals with tattoos. Furthermore, you are not allowed to donate blood within the first year after you get a tattoo. The implication of this could be far-reaching as you can lose a loved one, who urgently needed blood (which you could have been able to give if you did not recently get a tattoo), but could not get. The rule about blood donation is however limited to some states.
  5. Pain: It is extremely painful getting a tattoo. This has been a major deterrent for a lot of people as they are scared of the pain. The pain also varies depending on the part of the body where the tattoo is to be cited.
  6. Self-esteem: People often look down on people who have tattoos. Up to recent times, tattoos were majorly considered as an abomination and taboo in several parts of the world. For people who do not have a strong sense of self-confidence, the way people treat and address them because of their tattoo could badly damage their self-esteem.
  7. Tattoo removal costs: It is very expensive and painful to also remove a tattoo. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that your skin will go back to exactly the way it was before you got the tattoo.
  8. Allergies: There are a few people who are allergic to tattoo inks. This group of people could suffer reactions, which could sometimes be adverse if they are allergic to tattoo inks.
  9. Reactions to MRI scan: It is believed that people who have tattoos could have a problem if they require an MRI scan. Even though there are not good proofs yet, there have being reports of people with tattoos getting reactions such as their tattoos getting inflamed, hot and red, when they went for an MRI scan.
  10. Regrets: There is a number of people who have regretted ever getting a tattoo when they got older. Some of these people got the tattoos as teenagers and before they are 40, they have started to wish they never had to get a tattoo. There are other cases where the regrets came instantly. These cases include where the tattoo was not properly drawn, due to the tattoo artist not been skilled or getting an illness such as HIV or Hepatitis from an unhygienic tattoo parlor.
  11. Relationship issues: It is possible to miss out on love just because of a tattoo. Imagine falling in love with a guy or lady who hates any form of tattoos when you have one. These could lead to an outright refusal to date or regular conflicts between the couple. Furthermore, imagine having the name of your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend on your skin, only to separate and have a new boyfriend or girlfriend.
  12. Health risks: Apart from the risks of getting health infections from an unhygienic tattoo parlor and allergic reactions, you could also get infections after the tattoo. This is due to the fact that getting a tattoo involves skin barrier breakage. It is, therefore, easy for harmful germs to find their way into the body through the tattoo location before they are fully healed.


Why You Should Remove a Tattoo

As listed out in the previous section, the disadvantages of getting a tattoo far outweigh the advantages. Removing a tattoo could counter some of the disadvantages such as deformation, self-esteem, relationship issues, reactions to MRI scan and loss of opportunities. Even though tattoo removal costs could be an issue, it is actually worth it in most cases as you would be able to save yourself from a lot of problems in the future. If you have a tattoo, you would be doing yourself a huge favor by removing it today, because as every day goes by, the tattoo could be losing form and with time, it could look so bad that you would not find it appealing anymore. You might also have to get rid of the name of your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend you once tattooed on your body when the going was still good.


How to remove a tattoo – Different Tattoo Removal Process


You might be wondering about how to remove tattoo if you already have one. There are 3 major ways to remove a tattoo. The first way is by using laser technology. The laser technology is extremely painful (about 2 to 3 times more painful than the process of getting the tattoo) and would require between 3 and 9 visits for the procedure and also laser tattoo removal cost is high. The second way is through the use of tattoo removal creams. The tattoo removal creams are less expensive and less painful. You might need to use the cream for up to 4 months or more.There have however been reports that the cream option is not a very effective option as it might not give satisfactory results. A third option is the intense pulse light (IPL) therapy where the ink is broken down with the aid of a high intense light. This also requires several sessions and also very expensive.


Does Tattoo Removal Hurt?


Just like getting a tattoo, removing a tattoo also comes with a lot of pain. The pain of removing the tattoo itself is a major cost of removing the tattoo. You should expect a lot of pain if you decide to go through the laser technology option to remove your tattoo. The pain could get up to 300 percent the amount of pain you had when you were adding the tattoo. Using the cream option is, however, less painful even though it also comes with some level of pain as well. Irrespective of how you intend to remove your tattoo, therefore, you should be aware that tattoo removal actually hurts.


Get a Tattoo Cost Vs Tattoo Removal Cost

The cost of getting a tattoo and the cost of removing it are similar as the same factors determine the price of getting a tattoo and the tattoo removal price. When getting a tattoo, you pay per hour and when removing a tattoo, you pay per session. The longer the hours you spend in getting the tattoo, could also influence the number of sessions to remove the tattoo. A simple one color tattoo could cost $50 to fix and a $60 cream could also aid in removing the tattoo. It could, however, cost $600 to use laser technology to remove same, if you are using paying $200 for 3 sessions. Getting average tattoos done by professionals could cost $1000 or more and removing such tattoos through iPL or laser technology could also cost $1000 or more. On the general , removing a tattoo is a bit more expensive than getting a tattoo.


Laser Tattoo Removal Cost


Laser tattoo removal cost is expensive, depending on the location and quality of clinic you decide to use. Removing a tattoo could take 3 to 9 sessions where the price for removing tattoo could range from $200 to 500. This implies that you would be spending between $600 and $4,500 averagely for removing your tattoo depending on the color, size and other factors.


In conclusion removing a tattoo is a great step, even though the tattoo removal cost could be high. There are however several reasons why you should remove a tattoo including to avoid deformation, protection of self-esteem and prevent relationship issues amongst others.